This Week in Elasticsearch - August 14, 2013

Welcome to the seventh issue of This week in elasticsearch. In this format we try to inform you about the latest and greatest changes in elasticsearch. We try to cover what happened in the github repositories, as well as all the events happening about elasticsearch and give you a small peek in the future.

Elasticsearch core

  • Due to a fundamental change in Lucene 4.4 when to write compound files, the setting 'index.compound_on_flush' is now exposed via engine settings (#3461, master and 0.90)
  • /bin/plugin now exits with correct error codes set (like those from sysexits.h) (#3463, master and 0.90)
  • Sorting on sparse fields could return in an NPE (#3470, master and 0.90)
  • The term vector API does not crash if the mapping was misconfigured (#3471, master only)
  • The _default mapping was validated and merged as if it was a normal type, but does not need to (#3476, master and 0.90)
  • Adding an empty top level filter to a query lead now works (#3477, master and 0.90)
  • A possible NPE in post mode and a if a facet filter excluded all found documents has been fixed (#3479, master and 0.90)
  • Added support for getting templates using the java client via IndicesAdminClient.getIndexTemplates() (#3439, master and 0.90)
  • The debian init script has been fixed to work with older versions of the start-stop-daemon, which do not have the --status option (#3452, master and 0.90)
  • The completion suggester now supports fuzzy queries (#3465, master and 0.90)
  • The default thread operation model for a BroadcastOperationRequest has been set from SINGLE_THREAD to THREAD_PER_SHARD (#3483, master and 0.90)
  • In order to prevent stack overflows due to recursive logic in the FastVectorHighlighter, an exit condition has been added (#3486, master and 0.90)
  • The new percolator now supports a multi percolate API (#3488, master only)
  • PutMappingRequests could have been acknowledged too early, in case the mapping was not yet put in the cluster state (#3487, master and 0.90)
  • The RestSearchAction features some methods to parse a search requests, which now have been made public for easier access (#3499, master and 0.90)
  • Dynamic merging of source includes/excludes works now (#3491, master and 0.90)
  • The timeout for acknowledging deletes has been raised (#3498, master and 0.90)
  • In order to support custom plugins, which use lucenes AnalyzerWrapper class, an assertion has been removed (commit, master and 0.90)

Elasticsearch ecosystem

We try to give you some more information about what is happening in the ecosystem we are maintaining around elasticsearch, be it plugin or driver releases or news about kibana.

Elasticsearch community

Got an interesting open source project, plugin, driver or anything else for elasticsearch? Here is your time to shine! Just drop us a note and we will list it here (and on the .org website, of course!).

  • An introduction into using Elasticsearch with Mongoose
  • App::ElasticSearch::Utilities has been released, which is a set of utilities to make monitoring of elasticsearch clusters much simpler
  • winston-elasticsearch has been released for node.js. Winston is a logging transport mechanism with pluggable storage backends.
  • The .NET client NEST has been released in version featuring a reindex mode
  • The clojure client elastisch has been released in version 1.2.0, which depends on 0.90.3 now
  • A new version of the file system river has been released.
  • The ruby MetaCrunch framework features an elasticsearch extension. MetaCrunch is an extensible processing framework for metadata.



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