This Week in Elasticsearch - December 04, 2013

Welcome to This week in Elasticsearch. In this roundup, we try to inform you about the latest and greatest changes in Elasticsearch. We cover what happened in the GitHub repositories, as well as many Elasticsearch events happening worldwide, and give you a small peek into the future of the project.

Elasticsearch core

  • Elasticsearch 1.0.0-Beta2 has been released, featuring aggregation, snapshot/restore API and the cat API. Try it out, and give us feedback
  • Aggregations now have support for the shard_size parameter (#4242, master)
  • Ensuring correct fielddata format for a field in IndexFieldDataService.getForField() (#4270, master)
  • Catch AlreadClosedException in RobinSearcher#release() (#4273, 0.90 & master)
  • Maven plugin updates: shade 2.2, assembly plugin 2.4, compiler plugin 3.1, dependency plugin 2.8, eclipse plugin 2.9, jar plugin 2.4, resources plugin 2.6, rpm plugin 2.1-alpha-3, source plugin 2.1.1, surefire plugin 2.16 (#4266, commits 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 0.90 & master)
  • has_child query with score_mode=avg can emit infinity as score (#4291, 0.90 & master)
  • The percolate API now has support for aggregations (#4245, master)
  • _cat/indices API waits for cluster health timeout on missing index (#4296, 0.90 & master)
  • Cat API: Add /_cat/pending_tasks endpoint (#4251, 0.90 & master)
  • Increase priority of shard started task to URGENT (commit, 0.90 & master)
  • Put mapping API was moved to new acknowledgement mechanism (#4228, 0.90 & master)
  • Aggregations: Terms aggregator supports filtering terms by regex (#4267, master)
  • Fixed AllTermQuery explanations (#4298, 0.90 & master)
  • Changed the minScore comparator from > to >= (#4303, 0.90 & master)
  • Fixed NullPointerException in FsTranslog when reverting transient log (#4223, 0.90 & master)
  • has_child filter and query could yield inconsistent results (#4306, 0.90 & master)
  • Changed the script_lang parameter to lang in all value source based aggs to be consistent with all other script based APIs. (commit, master)
  • Allow string fields to store token counts (#3920, master)
  • Removed bash specific features in shell scripts (#4314, 0.90 & master)
  • The FastVectorHighlighter now can combine results from different fields (#3750, 0.90 & master)
  • A parsing bug in the new percolator was fixed (#4325, master)
  • FieldDataSource.Bytes.SortedAndUnique returned wrong hash codes (#4330, master)
  • Fail geohash_cell filter if geohash prefix is not enabled (#4335, 0.90 & master)

Elasticsearch Ecosystem

Here's some more information about what is happening in the ecosystem we are maintaining around Elasticsearch, including plugin and driver releases, as well as news about Logstash and Kibana.


Where to find Us



The first ever Elasticsearch Tel Aviv meetup will take place on December 30th, beginning at 7 PM. Join Elasticsearch core developer Uri Boness, who will present on what's new in Elasticsearch 1.0, and Itamar Syn-Hershko, who will discuss Monitoring online conversation at scale using Elasticsearch.


Shay Banon will present Why We Built Elasticsearch at the Open Source Conference in Amsterdam on December 6th. Shay's talk will start at 4:05 PM.

United States

  • The December Elasticsearch Boston Meetup will take place on Wednesday the 4th in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Speakers will cover how Elasticsearch is used at GetHuman and Swoop. Doors open at 6 PM.
  • The December Elasticsearch Washington, D.C. Meetup will take place on Tuesday the 10th at NGP VAN's offices. Craig A. Lebowitz, NGP VAN's Enterprise Architect, will cover Adding Elasticsearch To An Existing .NET / SQL Server Application. The meeting will begin at 6:30 PM.

Where to Find You

Our Community Manager, Leslie Hawthorn, is hard at work to help folks create more Elasticsearch meetup groups and to help meetup organizers find more speakers. If you are interested in either effort, take a moment to let her know.

Oh yeah, we're also hiring. If you'd like us to find you for employment purposes, just drop us a note.  We care more about your skill set and passion for Elasticearch, Kibana and Logstash than where you rest your head.


If you are interested in Elasticsearch training we have courses taught by our core developers coming up in:

  • We're hiring

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