Kurrently in Kibana: Performance Tweaks and Big Fixes for 4.1

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Kibana 4.1: The QA Train Moves Forward

QA continues on Kibana 4.1. We’ve found a number of issues in IE and Firefox, though fortunately recent discoveries have all been fairly small. You can see what we have left to tackle here.

Performance Tweaks

On the plus side, we’ve sped things up a bit as a side effect of all the aforementioned cross browser testing time:

  • Made sure visualization reflow event watchers were properly cleaned up. This should improve memory usage in some cases.
  • Fixed a bug in which Firefox was triggering extra redraws of charts when a container changed. Less drawing = more better.

Plus... Lots of Fixes!

  • Fixed a bug in which the map filter icon didn’t appear in the built version
  • Fixed an issue in which grouped bars were incorrectly offset when defining explicit y-axis limits
  • Ensured all metric aggs have a defined type before reading their name.
  • Divorced vis listeners from URL state
  • Fixed a bug in which discover might forget some back button history
  • Disabled ‘auto’ for non-default time fields, since it didn’t work anyway
  • Fixed the partial bucket tooltips in Firefox
  • Fixed tooltips that would refuse to dismiss in Firefox
  • Fixed the query error tooltip CSS. Hopefully we’ll be able to improve error communication even further in Elasticsearch 2.0!
  • Correctly swallow 409 responses.

See You Next Week!

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