New platform migration is making good progress. Lense started an early feedback sessions before beta. Alert and alert instance muting are moving forward

Search UI 1.2.0 is here with search on load, batch actions, and boolean facets. Learn all about these new features.

Lens visualization is now available; we are continuing to migrate to the new platform; Graph getting started experience improvements and more!

Elastic Site Search and Elastic App Search now have a stable PHP client. Build engaging search experiences in the PHP ecosystem you already love.

Learn how to use Logstash to copy CloudHub worker logs, events, and metrics into the Elasticsearch Service on Elastic Cloud.

Get guidance for upgrading your Elasticsearch server and codebase and ensuring compatibility between your NEST client and the server.

Alerting spans all our products and use cases. Find out more about current alerting capabilities in the Elastic Stack and exciting stuff in the works.