We are thrilled to announce that version 7.3 of the Elastic Stack has arrived, and it’s another good one.

Elasticsearch 7.3.0 is here! Learn about data frames, voting-only master nodes, vector similarity functions, and more.

From the GA release of Elastic Maps to Kerberos support and data frames transforms — and much more — Kibana 7.3 is jam packed with Kibana goodness.

Beats 7.3.0 is here, and it has new Google Cloud integrations, database metricsets (Oracle, Microsoft, Cockroach, AWS RDS), improved k8s monitoring, and more...

Logstash 7.3.0 is now available with pipeline-to-pipeline communication improvements and the JMS input plugin bundled by default for ingesting data from JMS.

Elastic APM 7.3.0 Released with .NET Agent GA, aggregate service breakdown charts, agent sample rate configuration from the UI, and more.

We are excited to announce that Elastic Maps is now generally available and ready to take your geospatial analysis to the next layer.

Elastic Logs 7.3.0 releases with ad hoc keyword highlighting and integrations on trace.id to jump directly to associated APM traces