Install X-Pack


Install X-Pack into Elasticsearch

bin/elasticsearch-plugin install x-pack
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To install X-Pack on a DEB/RPM installation of the Elastic Stack, see DEB/RPM installation instructions. If you are using the Windows MSI Installer package, you will have the option to install X-Pack during the plugins installation step.


Start Elasticsearch

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Note: If you are installing X-Pack on a multiple node cluster, please follow the instructions to generate certificates and configuring TLS for encrypted communication. This step is required on multi node clusters.


Generate default passwords

bin/x-pack/setup-passwords auto
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Note the passwords for elastic and kibana users


Install X-Pack into Kibana

bin/kibana-plugin install x-pack
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Add credentials to the kibana.yml file

elasticsearch.username: "kibana"
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elasticsearch.password: "<pwd>"
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<pwd> is the password for the kibana user auto generated in step 3. If you set up TLS in step 2, also add your certificates to the kibana.yml file.


Start Kibana

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Navigate to Kibana at http://localhost:5601/

Log in as the built-in elastic user with the auto-generated password from step 3


Dive in


Version: 6.2.4

Release date:

License: Elastic Commercial Software End User License Agreement

Supported OS/JVM/Browser


The following installation instructions are only valid for versions 6.2 and older. In versions 6.3 and later, X-Pack is included with the default distributions of Elastic Stack, with all free features enabled by default. An opt-in trial is available to enable subscription features.

Running a cluster without internet access? See our offline installation instructions.

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