Introducing Our Elasticsearch Service Private Subscription

We are thrilled to announce a new Private subscription tier on our Elasticsearch Service!

In addition to all of the features available in our Platinum subscriptions, the new tier offers a set of capabilities meant to satisfy a growing need for users who are looking to use a managed Elasticsearch service in a fully secure and dedicated environment.

For many companies, a hosted service is the default option for every project. The benefits of letting someone else handle the overhead that comes with managing software are fairly well understood. Offering Software or Platform as a Service to your users is great, but managing and scaling the infrastructure, gaining the required expertise, having the relevant automation and testing in place, and the long checklist that is required to manage applications such as the Elastic Stack in a production grade environment is a lot of work to set up and maintain. That’s why using a hosted service often makes sense, to both lower the total cost of ownership (TCO) and focus on core business concerns rather than operational overhead. And what’s better than letting the people who write the software manage it for you?

That said, there are often security requirements with various standards and regulations, which may inhibit the adoption of hosted services. The new Elasticsearch Service Private subscription tier is designed to accommodate many of these requirements.

Your Own Dedicated Environment

One of the benefits of using Private Elasticsearch Service is that we will provision an isolated Elasticsearch Service environment that resides in a dedicated virtual private cloud (VPC). We manage a set of hosts dedicated to your Elastic Stack workloads, allowing you to run your deployments securely.

Secure Connection

Another advantage of having a dedicated VPC is that access to your deployments is only available from within your own environment, whether it’s an on-prem data center or virtual private cloud (VPC). This tier supports various secure peering options, such as AWS PrivateLink. This means you can connect to your deployments securely from your network, never needing to expose them to the public internet.

AWS Marketplace Integration

There are many reasons why you might prefer to pay for a hosted service using your AWS account. Perhaps you’d like to leverage an existing Enterprise Discount Program (EDP) you have in place with Amazon, or a shorter procurement process when purchasing through the AWS Marketplace. Whatever the reason, you can subscribe to this tier using through the AWS marketplace, and get billed for it via your existing AWS account.

Support for Multiple Accounts

We expect Elasticsearch Service Private tier customers to have multiple teams in their organization, who will want to create and manage Elastic Stack deployments. Using this subscription, you can create multiple isolated accounts, for each one of your teams, so they can manage their own deployments. Each account will have different set of credential and will be metered separately. At the end of each monthly billing period, we will provide you with a consolidated monthly usage report so you can track each account’s usage of the service.

Support Right From the Source

With this tier, you are also entitled to our highest level of support SLA. This subscription also includes a dedicated Customer Success Manager (CSM) that will be assigned to your account to ensure a smooth onboarding and help making sure you take advantage of everything this subscription tier has to offer.

The Elasticsearch Service Private subscription is available in all of our supported regions.

More to come

There is already a lot of exciting features here and we have much more coming! We will continue to enrich this subscription tier with additional capabilities to allow for additional customization to the environment, more peering options, fine grained access control, and various other features.

If you want to learn more about this new offering, fill in this form and we’ll be happy to provide information about our new subscription.