How organizations can use the Elastic Stack and Salesforce Community Cloud to provide a more tailored (and awesome) support experience.

NoSchoolViolence.org uses data to help parents, teachers, and mental health professionals make connections between specific behaviors and potential violence.

Elasticsearch 5.3.2 and Elasticsearch 2.4.5 have been released. All users of stored templates should upgrade to 5.3.2.

Use the S3 output to send your events to an S3 bucket for long term archival or for batch processing at a later time.

Our hosted Elasticsearch and Kibana offering is moving from forum-based support to ticket-based support backed by Elastic engineers.

Need to make a per-second (or per anything!) rate out of sparse time series data? There's a large African cat themed answer to that. Timelion can fill the gaps!..

Terradue uses satellite data and the Elastic Stack to keep an eye on threats from geohazards such as earthquakes, volcanoes, and floods.

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We sat down to think through the next generation of Tribe Node for Elasticsearch, and out popped cross-cluster search.