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50% More Storage, Same Price. Elastic Cloud (Hosted Elasticsearch) Gets Even Better

This article refers to our hosted Elasticsearch offering by an older name, Elastic Cloud. Please note that Elastic Cloud is now known as the Elasticsearch Service, which is not the same as the Amazon Elasticsearch Service. Visit our AWS Elasticsearch comparison page to learn more.

In our last post, titled Announcing Annual Discounts for Elastic Cloud Standard, we shared that we have been able to extend a 15% discount. Basically…

Phenomenal, cosmic cloudy powers.
Itty, bitty annual price.

In that post, we mentioned a few infrastructure updates that we were rolling out. They have now been deployed to the entire Elastic Cloud fleet and it is important to understand the impact.

50% More Storage, Same Price.

The Elastic Cloud service operates on a fixed ratio of Memory to Storage. When we first launched, it was fixed at 1:8. We subsequently upgraded to 1:16 and, today, only a few months later, we are pleased to announce that we have increased the Memory to Storage ratio to 1:24. You now get 24GB of storage for every 1GB of RAM.

Most importantly, we’ve done this without increasing the price.

The flexibility of managing the fleet of deployed cloud clusters means we are able to monitor usage, cost, sizing and settle on a ratio that provides the highest value and widest applicability for all use-cases. Were you concerned, in the past, that your log data was too voluminous for using Elastic Cloud? Now you have 50% more storage.

New Region

But wait, there’s more…As discussed in the last post, our approach to adding regions to Elastic Cloud is fairly straightforward. Your feedback guides our roadmap. US West (Oregon) was a frequently requested region. For some very compelling reasons:

  • The region has 3 availability zones
  • It is 20% less expensive than us-west-1
  • People know, and trust, the region

A ratio of 1:24 and the decreased cost of a new region means getting started with Elastic Cloud is cheaper than it has ever been.