Prelert Selected for 2016 SINET Cybersecurity Innovators Award

On September 15th, the same day that we welcomed Prelert into the Elastic team, we were notified by SINET that Prelert had been named one of the 2016 SINET 16 Innovators!

The SINET team was operating in ‘real-time!’ In their press release, they referred to Prelert as “Elastic/Prelert,” even though our announcement occurred only a few hours earlier than theirs!

Since more and more users are deploying the Elastic Stack for security-related use cases, we were very excited that Prelert, based on its machine learning security analytics integration with the Elastic Stack, was selected as one of only 16 technology companies to receive this award.

SINET programs are supported by the US Department of Homeland Security, Science and Technology Directorate.  Each year, SINET evaluates the technologies and products of hundreds of emerging Cybersecurity companies from all over the world, and selects the 16 most innovative and compelling companies. These 16 companies, known as the SINET 16 Innovators, are invited to present their products and solutions on stage in at the annual SINET Showcase in Washington, DC.

Last week, Elastic’s Dave Erickson, Director of Solution Architecture, accepted the award and presented a demo of Elastic and Prelert’s capabilities to the showcase attendees.


As Shay Banon and Prelert’s founder, Steve Dodson, indicated when the acquisition was announced, our teams are hard at work creating a more integrated product, in which Prelert becomes a feature of the Elastic Stack. Think Prelert node(s). Until then, we have put a Beta label on the existing Prelert integrations with Elastic.  

We look forward to sharing more on our progress soon!

Oh, and if you want to see Prelert in action and hear more about our developments, come join us at one of our Elastic{ON} Tour stops in EMEA or in Asia Pacific. Or join us at our annual user conference, Elastic{ON}’17 in San Francisco, March 2017.

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