Articles By Ioana Tagirta

31 January 2019 Engineering

Elastic App Search: Query Suggestion API Now Available

By Ioana TagirtaOrhan Toy

Elastic App Search now has a slick Query Suggestions API. Its function is known by many names, but whatever you call it, it helps make great search experiences.

01 November 2018 Engineering

A Walk in the Park with Elastic App Search Sample Engines

By Kellen EvanIoana Tagirta

Stroll through some of the world's finest parks within Elastic App Search Sample Engines. Along the way, learn how you can create engaging search experiences.

20 September 2018 Engineering

Introducing the Analytics API Suite in Elastic App Search

By Kellen EvanIoana Tagirta

Search is useful. The insights gained from search are even more so. Elastic App Search has a robust analytics suite that can turn insight into valuable action.

13 September 2018 Engineering

Introducing Multi-Language Engines in Elastic App Search

By Kellen EvanIoana Tagirta

Elastic App Search now supports multi-language Engines. See how you can improve already optimized search relevance within your choice of 13 languages.