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27 November 2017 User Stories

Elasticsearch at RTE: Blackout Prevention through Weather Prediction

By Akli RahmounTony Blanchard

The Elastic Stack and the X-Pack alerting and machine learning features help us with weather prediction and alerts on risks of thermal damage and line sag.

27 November 2017 Engineering

Shipping Kubernetes Logs to Elasticsearch with Filebeat

By Carlos Pérez-Aradros

Learn how to use Filebeat to retrieve logs from containers running on Kubernetes, enrich them with useful metadata and store everything in Elasticsearch.

27 November 2017 Releases

Elastic Cloud Enterprise 1.1.1 released

By Suyog Rao

Elastic Cloud Enterprise 1.1.1 released with important bug fixes.

22 November 2017 Engineering

Elastic Cloud Enterprise 1.1.0 upgrade issues and workaround

By Suyog Rao

Learn more about the upgrade issue in ECE 1.1 and remediation steps.

22 November 2017 Engineering

Why am I seeing bulk rejections in my Elasticsearch cluster?

By Christian Dahlqvist

Experiencing bulk rejections leading to poor indexing performance? This blog post explains why Elasticsearch rejects requests and how to get around it.

21 November 2017 Engineering

Meet the New Elastic Cloud Enterprise UI!

By Nicolás Bevacqua

Let's discuss the new and shiny Elastic Cloud Enterprise UI design!​

21 November 2017

Brewing in Beats: Autodiscovery with Docker

By Monica Sarbu

With the Brewing in Beats series, we're keeping you up to date with all that's new in Beats, from the details of pull requests to learning resources.

20 November 2017 Engineering

Machine Learning Anomaly Scoring and Elasticsearch - How it Works

By Rich CollierPete Harverson

A complete breakdown of how machine learning in X-Pack scores anomalies and ranks them automatically on a severity scale from zero to one hundred.

16 November 2017 Engineering

Removal of Mapping Types in Elasticsearch 6.0

By Clinton Gormley

Mapping types are going away. Elasticsearch 6.0 supports a single mapping type per index only - it represents the first step to removing types altogether.