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29 January 2016 Engineering

Cluster cloning in the cloud

By Konrad Beiske

Hosted Elasticsearch by Found gives you an easy way to clone your cluster. Find out why you want to do this in the following article.

28 January 2016 Engineering

Using Nmap + Logstash to Gain Insight Into Your Network

By Andrew Cholakian

Using the new Logstash Nmap codec we show how you can gain new insight into the internals of your network.

28 January 2016 User Stories

WÜRTHPHOENIX NetEye: Our Elastic Stack Story

By Georg Kostner

This blog shows the implementation of the Elastic Stack at WÜRTHPHOENIX to improve the log management for their customers.

21 January 2016 Engineering

Elasticsearch Queries, or Term Queries are Really Fast!

By Nik Everett

Comparing the performance of different kinds of queries in Elasticsearch.

21 January 2016 Culture

Share your community spirit with #ElasticSnap

By Michelle Carroll

Share your Elastic photos for a chance at fame, fortune, and t-shirts.

21 January 2016 User Stories

Elastic stack for Root Cause Analysis at Mapp

By Sun-Tsung Kim

How MAPP uses the Elastic stack for logfile analysis allowing for more visibility across applications and locations.