Share your community spirit with #ElasticSnap

Here's something you may not know about Elastic: During new employee training, we have a fun tradition of sharing pics of ourselves with the theme of an international blackout. It's inspired by our CTO's affinity for black t-shirts, and the fact that all the newbies have just received their first wearable Elastic swag. All around the world, folks sport their Elastic gear in cool locations and share photos over chat. Our company is pretty distributed, and it's awesome to get a visual of all the different people (and places) flying the Elastic flag.

Part of the London Elastic team

Jason - Blackout WednesdayZombie

With Elastic{ON}16 coming up fast, we're expanding this tradition to help visualize the Elastic community. After all, the event is the single largest face-to-face gathering of Elasticsearch users and knowledge. We want to see (and share) your best Elastic in the wild photos.

How to participate

We're collecting high-res photos of the Elastic community using Elasticsearch, working on Elastic Stack projects, or just having fun, all while our t-shirts, logo stickers, or other be-clustered items are on display. There are two ways to join in on the fun:

As always, only submit photos that you are comfortable (and have permission) to share publicly. Creativity is greatly appreciated – and welcomed :). Five participants will be randomly chosen to receive an Elastic cluster t-shirt, so get snapping!

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