The 2015 Elastic Blackout

There was a blackout yesterday, but you probably didn't notice.

On October 14, 2015, darkness of the best kind consumed Elastic offices all around the world. What started out as a company onboarding activity for the latest batch of employees to join our Elastic cluster turned into a worldwide challenge: Take an awesome photo wearing Elastic gear around town.

Colleagues represented Elastic during an afternoon MRI scan in Ohio, strolling by Big Ben in London, and saying "hiya" from Amsterdam, Singapore, New York, Austin, Seattle, Stockholm, Japan, France, Boston, Mountain View, and beyond.

We thought we'd share some of the pictures with you. With over 80 people joining Elastic since August representing more than 15 countries, there were a lot of great photos to choose from. 

And why black shirts? Do a quick image search of "Shay Banon." (Yeah, there are a few outliers, but you get the idea.) Plus, they're standard issue at the company after our first Elastic{ON} user conference.

The lights are back on and there's more Elastic goodness in the works. Stay tuned. (And if you'd like a black shirt of your own, consider joining our team.)

blackout-wednesday-austin-sign.jpgGreetings from team Austin: Bryan Beers (Sales), Lee Dregenberg (Kibana), Michael Basnight (Found), and Erik Redding (Found).


Some of our Amsterdam team says "hiya," including Fatih Isik (Sales, planking the "s"!), Megan Wieling (Marketing), Chrétien Minke (Sales), Penelopy Piña (Sales), Livia Froelicher (Marketing), Arno van Driel (Sales), and Mirella Wind (G&A).


Hello from our Singapore team, Matias Cascallares (Solutions Architect) and Heng Chin (Business Development).


Pablo Musa (Training) represented Elastic from Stockholm!


David Pilato (Developer Relations) with "la bonne mére" of Marseille in the background. 


Ryan Schneider (Training) took this snapshot to represent our team in New York City.


Folks from our London office went for a stroll (with Elastic beach balls, naturally).


And then there's Zachary Tong taking care of some logs (presumably) in Somewhere, USA.


Our Mountain View office is packed this week, and certainly represented!