7.0 is Coming

New features, new functionality, new frontiers. The Elastic Stack is revving up — and we have a feeling you'll enjoy taking it out for a test drive. Don't miss a single feature. Bookmark this page and check back for updates.

Become an Elastic Pioneer!

7.0 is shipping with many highly requested features, and we welcome your testing and feedback during the preview cycles. When our community gets involved, good things happen.

Install a 7.0 preview version, try new features, and provide feedback via GitHub to become an Elastic Pioneer. Learn more about the Elastic Pioneer Program.

Oh, and Elastic Pioneers may win some limited edition Elastic swag (and bragging rights, of course).

Try It Yourself

Grab a fresh installation and get started.
Load some data

Download Beats, Logstash, or APM Server to try out the new features with your own data, or if you want to play with new ingest features. Alternatively, sample datasets are only a click away in Kibana.

Provide feedback

Found a bug or want to provide feedback on a feature? Open an issue on the respective GitHub repo (Elasticsearch, Kibana, Beats, Logstash, or APM) and tag it with the preview release (e.g., 7.0.0-alpha1) you found the issue in. We will label it with Pioneer Program tag, and take it from there.

Got questions? Head over to the discuss forum.