Elastic for customer service search

The power of Elastic harnessed for effortless search experiences that drive self-service success and improve agent productivity. Already using Elastic? Use that existing expertise to start creating amazing support experiences in just a few clicks.

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Learn how to add rich, relevant search to your apps and websites with Elastic App Search.

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Get started with Elastic Workplace Search for unified search across common applications.

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See how to use Search UI to build premium search experiences.

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In 8.2, use time-saving relevance-tuning and analytics tools with existing Elasticsearch indices without the need to migrate or update data structures.

Help your teams and customers help themselves

Create stunning self-service support destinations that unify all your content — knowledge articles, documentation, training content, video assets, and product pages — so visitors can naturally search and discover exactly the right answer with little effort.

Drive down cost-to-serve by increasing your self-service success rates and deflecting cases that normally require live agent assistance.

Happy teams make for happy customers

Reduce swivel-chair support that drives up support costs by unifying internal and external content silos into one powerful search page for agents. This makes agents and knowledge workers more competent and efficient in their jobs — which leads to longer tenure and less stress.

Search analytics, always

Search analytics, always

By giving you complete visibility into user behavior, built-in analytics help you zero in on what content needs improvement and how to meet your support goals. See what your users are searching for, clicking on, and engaging with. And quickly identify what content gaps are sneaking up on you.

Simplified search pricing

Resource-based pricing makes budgeting easier. The price you pay is determined simply by the amount of underlying computing power you use in the Cloud.

So say goodbye to the gotchas of old-fashioned per-document, per-query, and per-user pricing models that ultimately prohibit searching. Just pay for the resources you use (and nothing more).

Using Elastic already? Why not for support?

Already an Elastic user with Elastic know-how in your team? Why not use the speed, scale, and relevance of Elastic for customer service? Simply log in to Elastic Cloud and enable App Search with a single click. It’s just that easy to get started.

A suite of products for any search application

Get your users the answers they need. Elastic Enterprise Search gives you the tools to bring search experiences to market quickly and to scale seamlessly over time.

  • Elastic Workplace Search

    Elastic Workplace Search

    Make all your content findable, fast. Unify your content platforms — Google Drive, Salesforce, and many more — into a personalized search experience for agents and teams.

  • Elastic App Search

    Elastic App Search

    Harness the focused power of Elasticsearch in your app, complete with a web crawler, refined set of APIs, and intuitive dashboards. Give customers the self-service search tool they deserve.

Unmatched deployment flexibility

It's easy to deploy, operate, and scale your Elastic Enterprise Search solution. Get started on Google Cloud, AWS, or Azure through the Elastic Cloud (or download the self-managed package for free).