Cross-cluster replication is now natively available and production-ready in Elasticsearch 6.7.0, enabling you to replicate your data across the globe with ease...

Learn how to freeze indices that are rarely searched in order to release memory on your elasticsearch nodes.

The first release candidate for 7.0 is here. Say heya to 7.0.0-rc1. Learn about the new features, try it out, and become an Elastic Pioneer.

Helper Node highlights how our Elasticians use their volunteer time off. Learn how Imma Valls uses her time to teach kids how to read at her local library.

We are pleased to announce the release of Elasticsearch 6.7.0, based on Lucene 7.7.0.

Kibana 6.7 is here! Learn about the latest updates, including the new Maps app (beta), added support for ILM and frozen indices, uptime monitoring, and more.

We're excited to share the newest Logstash released with you. Meet version 6.7.0.

Service availability is one of the most important success metrics in service delivery. Proactive monitoring lets you discover issues sooner, for happier users..