Logstash 6.7.0 released

This release introduces Logstash 6.7.0 has been released with new features and enhancements. This release introduces Java 11 support for Logstash, and the move from experimental to beta of native support for Java Plugins.

Java 11 Support

With this release, we are happy to announce enhanced support for different versions of Java, so that we now support Logstash running on Java 11! Now Logstash will run on Java 8 and 11.  This change also includes a bump of the version of JRuby that Logstash uses from jruby- to jruby-, which includes support for Ruby 2.5, and includes many bug fixes.

Native support for Java plugins

After the experimental release of this feature as experimental in 6.6.0, this feature is now moving to beta. With this API, Java developers should be able to write Logstash plugins using idiomatic Java code free of any dependencies on Ruby, which can seamlessly inter-operate with Ruby plugins and incur lower overhead in the Java execution engine.

Plugin Improvements

Logstash 6.7.0 includes a number of improvements to some of our bundled plugins. Some highlights:

  • The KV filter now has a timeout enforcer to help prevent slow events from blocking the pipeline, and also introduces a new `tag_on_failure` directive to make error handling configurable.
  • The Mutate filter can now directly convert from integer and float to boolean.
  • The Elasticsearch input now has an added `slices` option to manage slice scrolling.
  • The HTTP input now has an option to supply a configurable response code 
  • The TCP input fixes a race condition where data would be accepted before the queue was configured
  • The Elasticsearch output now has an option to automatically enable Index Lifecycle Management depending on whether the Elasticsearch cluster supports it.

Download and Release Notes

You can find the full list of the changes in the release notes.


If you want to try the new features added in Logstash 6.7.0, please download it, install it, and let us know what you think on Twitter (@elastic) or in our forum. Enjoy!

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