Elastic App Search now has a slick Query Suggestions API. Its function is known by many names, but whatever you call it, it helps make great search experiences...

On January 18, 2019 Elastic Cloud customers experienced a 20-minute service outage. We explain what happened and the steps we've taken to prevent future issues...

Application Performance Monitoring (APM) lets see what's going on inside your application, and helps increase the observability of your entire application stack..

The 6.6.0 release of Logstash includes the first iteration of native support for pure Java plugins in Logstash.

Bring your whole team to Elastic App Search. Now premium plans can choose from 6 pre-defined roles and scope Engine access across different projects.

ECE 2.1 allows you to manage APM Servers, securely search across multiple clusters, and tighten cluster security with Traffic Management and Keystore support...

We're excited to share the newest Logstash released with you. Meet version 6.6.0.

Elastic Stack 6.6.0 is here. Check out frozen indices, index lifecycle management, new Bkd-tree back geoshape, and much more.