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28 February 2018 News

Elastic Certification: The Next Step in Your Elasticsearch Training Journey

By Nathan Zamecnik

We are proud to announce Elastic certification. You mastered Elasticsearch, now it’s time to show your expertise.

28 February 2018 News

Swiftype App Search Public Beta Now Available for Developers

By Matt Riley

App Search is a search-as-a-service solution built for developers that simplifies the process of building relevant and reliable search experiences.

27 February 2018 News

Doubling Down on Open

By Shay Banon

We are doubling down on open and moving our closed source X-Pack code into our public GitHub repos.

23 February 2018 Engineering

Introduction to GDPR with Elasticsearch

By Mike Paquette

We get this question a lot: “We have a lot of data in our Elasticsearch cluster. Some of this data requires GDPR compliance. What advice do you have?”

21 February 2018 Engineering

Categorizing Non-English Log Messages in Machine Learning for Elasticsearch

By David Roberts

Starting with version 6.2 you can categorize log messages using Elastic machine learning whichever language they're in.

20 February 2018 Engineering

Custom Vega Visualizations in Kibana 6.2

By Yuri Astrakhan

A new visualization type in Kibana lets you create custom visualizations using Vega, an open source, JSON-based, declarative language.

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15 February 2018 Engineering

Resizing Elasticsearch shards for fun and profit

By Simon Willnauer

The backstory behind increasing the number of shards in an index if the index has become too small for the number of documents in it.

14 February 2018

Cómo habilitar la autenticación de SAML en Kibana y Elasticsearch

By Ioannis Kakavas

El soporte de SAML ha sido una de las características de seguridad más solicitadas para Elastic Stack. Ha llegado con la versión 6.2 y le mostraremos los detall

14 February 2018 Engineering

How to enable SAML authentication in Kibana and Elasticsearch

By Ioannis Kakavas

SAML support has been one of the most requested security features for the Elastic Stack. It's arrived with the 6.2 release and we walk you through the details.