This Week in Elastic: A new format for our blog

Welcome to This Week in Elastic! In this weekly round up post, we bring you news on all aspects of the ELK Stack, including updates on Elasticsearch, Logstash and Kibana development, tips and tricks and upcoming events.

What Do You Think?

We're experimenting with a new format for our blog, publishing more granular updates on each project weekly. We'll then share a wider overview of the full ELK ecosystem each Wednesday. We'd love to hear what you think, and even better if you have a story to suggest that we share with the community.

We welcome your feedback and submissions, so get in touch!

Elastic News

Useful blog posts, how tos, tutorials and articles from the wide world of all the ELK stack ecosystem.

  • We had a number of Elasticsearch-related releases over the past week, including Elasticsearch 1.5, Curator 3.0, and the latest release of Shield. You can get a complete overview of our latest commits to Elasticsearch & Apache Lucene, plus plugin releases, in our recent update.
  • Check out our latest updates on Logstash, including a summary of our recent engineering all hands meeting and thoughts on future features.
  • Designing an Elasticsearch-based multi-tenant application? Konrad Beiske shares tips and tricks to help you get started and avoid pitfalls as you scale up and out.
  • A delightful read for any Site Reliability Engineer you know and love from the LinkedIn SRE team: Stephen Bisordi recently shared updates on Autometrics, their Elasticsearch-based self-service metrics collection tool. There's some impressive numbers cataloging the growth of their data set over the past 3.5 years, plus updates on their planned future improvements to the platform.
  • Craig Schotke from Spot Trading shared their story of moving to the ELK stack for monitoring their hardware infrastructure and logs. Excellent two part series with lots of details on their use case and cluster specs.
  • Using FAST and considering giving Elasticsearch a try? Seb Muller from our partner firm, Comperio Search, shared the details of migrating Norway's postal service to Elasticsearch.
  • If you're loving Kibana 4 but would like a deeper dive on its many features, Tim and Anna Roes have written an excellent tutorial series. Check out their Introduction, which also includes links to their K4 tutorials on data discovery, building visualizations and building dashboards from several indexes.  
  • Stay tuned to this blog tomorrow for This Week in Kibana. This post will also be a regular weekly feature.

Slides and Videos

This week, we're delighted to bring you all things Elastic{ON}, our first ever user conference. You can check out all of the slides and videos we currently have online in our Elastic{ON} gallery, but here are a few of our favorites.

  • Elasticsearch on Mars. Well, not actually on Mars, but analyzing all the data from the Curosity Rover.
    Watch Now »
  • Learn how the Yale Department of Laboratory Medicine Uses Elasticsearch to identify novel causes of cancer, potential therapeutic targets, and determine if patients are eligible for clinical trials.
    Watch Now »
  • How Verizon Business Scaled their Elasticsearch Cluster to More than 500 Billion Documents
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Where to find Us

We'd love to feature all the great Elasticsearch, Logstash, and Kibana presentations and meetups happening worldwide in this section. If you're speaking about the ELK stack or hosting a meetup, let us know!


Mark Walkolm will visit the Australian Computer Society (ACS) meeting on April 8 to discussing Corralling Logs with ELK. You can register now for this session, which is free of charges for ACS Members.


The EU edition of Hadoop Summit will be held this year in Brussels April 15-16. You can join Costin Leau, lead developer of Elasticsearch for Apache Hadoop, for his presentation Real Insights, Real-time: Bridging Batch and Real-time Systems for Anomaly Detection, on Wednesday at 2:30 PM in Silver Hall


The Elastic team is proud to sponsor PyCon North America 2015, and Alex Brasetvik, Honza Kral, Katy WendlandPeter Kim and Pier-Hugues (PH) Pellerin look forward to seeing you at our booth on the show floor. We'll be sharing all things ELK Stack for Pythonistas, plus telling you all about how Found by Elastic can make life better for all you folks looking to integrate Elasticsearch as a Service in your Python applications. 

Even better, Honza, PH and Peter will bring you a 1.5 hour tutorial on Getting Started with Elasticsearch, including an introduction to our Python language clients. The tutorial takes place on April 8 from 9 - 10:30 AM, and PyCon runs April 8-16, including conference sessions and sprints, in Montreal.


The Aarhus Ruby User Group will get together on April 13 to discuss log aggregation on AWS using the ELK stack. They're also on the look out for additional speakers. You can RSVP and get in touch with the organizers to volunteer to present on their event page.



  • The Elasticsearch Berlin User Group will get together on March 31. As usual, there will be separate track with an introduction to Elasticsearch for beginners, plus a look at using Elasticsearch in Production over two years.  RSVP for the meetup here.
  • Alexander Reelsen will be one of the stalwart folks organizing the Developer Camp Munich unconference, coming up on April 18-19. Make sure to say hello to Alex during the sessions, and check out the Developer Camp website for information on registration and volunteer opportunities for folks who'd like to help organize.


  • The first ever Elasticsearch Study Session in Nagoya will take place on April 4, including a general introduction to Elasticsearch & the ELK stack from Jun Ohtani. The Study Session will also include two use case presentations. Register here to attend the event.
  • Jun Ohtani will speak at JJUG CCC on April 15 on Visualizing your data with Kibana 4. You can find full details on the event, including registration information, on the JJUG CC event site.


The Seoul community will hold their next Study Session on April 7, with presentations from Igor Motov and Nathan Zamecnik from Elastic. Check out the full details on the event from Jong Min Kim, the Seoul Study Session organizer. Jong Min's post includes details on registering for the Study Session.


The TechNxt user group in Pune will meet on April 4 to talk Application Containers and Measuring Systems Performance. You guessed it, the systems performance talk will feature details on the ELK stack. Register now to attend.


David Pilato will take the stage at Code Motion Rome to discuss Advanced Search for Your Legacy Application. David speaks at 3 PM on March 28, and the conference runs the 25-28.


The next Elasticsearch Barcelona Meetup will take place on April 13, covering Elasticsearch Applied for Music Monitoring and Elasticsearch: More than Just Search for your applications. Register now to save your seat, as this meetup is filling up fast!


The first ever Elastic Meetup in Göteborg will convene on April 9 at 5 PM to discuss getting started with Elasticsearch and the ELK Stack.  Register now to save your seat.

United States

  • The Los Angeles Elasticsearch User Group will be meeting tonight to chat all about what's new with Elastic and the ELK Stack. Rashid Khan, creator of Kibana, and Kurt Hurtado, Logstash developer, will be doing informal Q&A with the audience on March 25. Register now to save your seat.
  • The South Shore .NET Users Group in Plymouth, MA will convene on March 26, covering a recap from the Elastic{ON} conference. Register now to save your seat.
  • We're hosting a casual networking meetup in Atlanta on March 31 at Front Page News on Crescent. Register now to let us know you're coming!
  • The League of Professional Systems Administrators in New Jersey will get together on April 2 in Lawrence Township to talk Systems Log Aggregation with the ELK stack. Register now to attend.
  • Three of Elastic's developers who focus on Apache Lucene will be attending ApacheCon North America on Austin, April 13-16. Make sure to say hello to Areek Zillur, Robert Muir and Ryan Ernst in the hallway track!
  • The Austin Puppet User Group will get together on April 14 to discuss using Elasticsearch's Puppet Modules, including a live demo of installing the ELK stack using Puppet. Register now to save your seat.

Where to Find You

PSST! If you're a regular reader, you're thinking of skipping this section. You may even be thinking to yourself, yes of course I will drop a note on Twitter when I am giving a talk on all things ELK. That's awesome, because we'd like to showcase every meetup, conference presentation and workshop on Elasticsearch, Logstash, and Kibana happening worldwide. And now, we've made it even easier for you to get support for your meetup!

Head on over to  our meetups page! (And we'll still totally send you swag if you're giving a talk on anything ELKy at a conference.)

Oh yeah, we're also  hiring. If you'd like us to find you for employment purposes, just drop us a note. We care more about your skill set and passion for Elasticsearch, Kibana, and Logstash than where you rest your head.


If you are interested in Elasticsearch training we have courses taught by our core developers coming up in:

  • Paris – March 25, 2015 (Hands on Workshop)
  • Bangalore - March 25, 2015 (Hands on Workshop)
  • Bangalore - March 26, 2015 (Core Elasticsearch Training)
  • Paris – March 26, 2015 (Core Elasticsearch Training)
  • San Francisco – April 7, 2015 (Core Elasticsearch Training)
  • Amsterdam – April 7, 2015 (Hands on Workshop)
  • Amsterdam – April 8, 2015 (Core Elasticsearch Training)
  • Seoul – April 8, 2015 (Core Elasticsearch Training)
  • Tokyo – April 13, 2015 (Core Elasticsearch Training)
  • Austin – April 23, 2015 (Core Elasticsearch Training)
  • New York – April 28, 2015 (Hands on Workshop)
  • New York – April 29, 2015 (Core Elasticsearch Training)
  • London – April 29, 2015 (Hands on Workshop)
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