US Federal Support

Federal users with an Elastic subscription are automatically provided with platinum-level US federal support. This is much more than just break-fix support and is highly rated by customers. US federal support includes access to two dedicated engineers (one primary and one backup). Support is guaranteed 24 hours a day, seven days per week, 365 days per year for severity 1 and 2 cases. All support is delivered by US citizens on US soil. Customers can ask unlimited questions and receive advice throughout the lifecycle of their subscription. Support is provided by the same primary and backup engineers (with rare exceptions) to ensure continuity and is available via web or phone. Additionally, a Customer Success Manager acts as a dedicated resource to assist in onboarding, enablement, and strategic planning.

US Federal Support Policy Details

This Elastic Federal Support Services Policy is the primary document used to communicate Elastic's support policies to licensees of Elastic software products (each such licensee, a "Customer"), including Elastic's software products available under both proprietary licenses and open source licenses (collectively, "Software"). As referenced either in the proprietary license agreement under which you obtain and are granted the right to use Elastic's commercial software and/or the agreement under which you obtain a subscription ("Subscription") to Elastic's Federal Support Services (in each case, the "Agreement"), this Federal Support Services Policy sets forth Elastic's support terms and conditions, as well as provides a description of Elastic's technical support levels. Capitalized terms not defined herein have the definition set forth in the applicable Agreement.

1. Scope of Federal Support Services.

The scope of the Federal Support Services provided to Customer includes general assistance and support regarding the installation of the Software and basic technical configuration of the Software, as well as developer assistance on how to use the Software. Elastic will provide Federal Support Services to Customer in accordance with this Federal Support Services Policy, for the number of Projects/Applications and/or Nodes set forth in an applicable Order Form, where "Node" means a data/master node Elasticsearch instance, and "Project/Application" means a logical grouping of functionality which Elastic nodes are being used for. Services for multiple Projects/Applications are sold separately. Only Projects or Applications specified in the Order Form will be supported. Development Support Services are not available for production systems.

2. Federal Support Services Offerings.

Elastic offers one level of Federal Support Services which is described below in Section 3 of this Federal Support Services Policy, and is subject to the specific terms and conditions set forth therein regarding hours of operation, response times, methods of support and other matters for each Subscription Level. Elastic shall use commercially reasonable efforts to meet the applicable targeted response times set forth below. Customer acknowledges that the time required for resolution of issues may vary depending on the specific circumstances of each problem, including, without limitation, the nature of the incident/problem, the extent and accuracy of information available about the incident/problem, and the level of Customer's cooperation and responsiveness in providing materials, information, access and support reasonably required by Elastic to achieve problem resolution. Elastic addresses problem resolutions through a number of mechanisms.

3. Federal Support Subscription Levels.

All support requests must be submitted as follows:

Severity level 1 and 2 issues must be filed via the web-based support portal found at Severity level 3 issues may be filed by registered contacts via email to or the web-based support portal. All e-mail based tickets will be treated as severity level 3.

Defined Terms:

"Business Day" means Monday through Friday other than a day designated from time to time as a national holiday in the place from which Federal Support Services may be provided.

"Incident" means a single question or issue posed by a Support Contact using the Federal Support Services.

"Support Contact" means a single named individual that is authorized to contact Elastic to make use of the Federal Support Services.

Federal Premium Level

Normal Hours of Operation: 24 x 7 x 365
Business Hours: 8AM-8PM US Eastern Time
Method: Phone or Web
Maximum number of Support Contacts: 8
Emergency Patches: Yes
Annual Incidents: Unlimited
Support Staffing: US Citizen on US Soil
Commercial plug-ins included: Same as Platinum

SeverityTarget Response
Level 11 Hour
Level 24 Hours
Level 31 Business Day


4. Severity Level Definitions.

Level 1

A Level 1 issue is a production down situation. One where production systems are not functioning and no work-around exists. Elastic will use continuous efforts during its normal hours of operation to provide a resolution for any Level 1 errors as soon as is commercially reasonable.

Level 2

A Level 2 issue is one where the customer's system is functioning for production purposes but in a reduced capacity, such as a problem that is causing significant impact to portions of the customer's business operations and productivity. Elastic will use continuous efforts during its normal hours of operation to provide a resolution for any Level 2 errors.

Level 3

A Level 3 issue is a medium-to-low impact error that involves partial and/or non-critical loss of functionality for production purposes or development purposes, such as a problem that impairs some operations but allows the customer's operations to continue to function. Errors for which there is limited or no loss of functionality or impact to the customer's operation and for which there is an easy work-around qualify as Level 3. Elastic will use reasonable efforts to provide a resolution for any Level 3 error in time for an upcoming release of Software. All inbound production email cases shall have an initial status of Level 3.

5. Customer Obligations.

Customer must provide a functional Project/Application description at time of order to clearly define the Project/Application Elastic will be supporting. Customer is responsible for ensuring that its personnel that interact with Elastic have sufficient language and technical skills, and respond to and cooperate with Elastic in a timely manner in connection to requests for Federal Support Services.

As a precondition for requesting Federal Support Services from Elastic, Customer agrees to (and to cause each of its developers to) use reasonable efforts to: (i) attempt to solve the problem and to utilize sufficient resources to clearly understand that a problem exists before consulting Elastic; (ii) provide Elastic with sufficient information and technical data in order for Elastic to establish that a potential problem is not the kind of problem that is an exclusion from the Federal Support Services; (iii) make reasonable attempts and expend reasonable resources to provide any data reasonably requested by Elastic to adequately address the potential problem; (iv) utilize sufficient resources to understand the instructions from Elastic in addressing the problem, and make reasonable attempts to correct the problem as suggested by Elastic. In addition, Customer agrees and acknowledges that the extent of access and the accuracy of information and technical data provided may affect Elastic's ability to provide the Federal Support Services.

6. Support Service Exclusions.

Elastic will have no obligation to provide Federal Support Services to Customer in the event that (i) the Software has been changed, modified or damaged by Customer or anyone other than Elastic, (ii) the problem is caused by Customer's negligence, misconduct, or misuse of the Software, a hardware malfunction, or other causes beyond the reasonable control of Elastic, (iii) the problem is due to third party software, or (iv) Customer has not installed or implemented any Software releases made generally available or is not running the then current version of the Software as provided by Elastic. The Federal Support Services do not cover the support of any third-party software which integrates with the Software. In addition, the Federal Support Services do not include the following: (i) use of any version of a Software that is not designated as a production release (such as a milestone or release candidate or code contained in the sandbox or any other repository that is not packaged into a production release distribution); (ii) Customer's failure to comply with operating instructions contained in the documentation; (iii) installation, configuration, management and operation of Customer's applications; (iv) APIs, interfaces or data formats other than those included with the Software; or (v) any training. In addition, Development Level Support Services are available only for one Project/Application per Agreement and may not be used at all for Production systems where "Production" means the system is using/processing live data.

7. Version Support.

Elastic will provide Federal Support Services as follows:

7.1 A three-place numbering scheme is used to designate released versions of the Software. The format is R.V.M, where 'R' indicates the Release level, 'V' indicates the Version level, and 'M' indicates the Maintenance Fix level. An example would be version 1.1.3. Often in referring to general product versions and releases, the maintenance level is omitted. For example, both 1.1.3 and 1.1.4 may sometimes be referred to as Version 1.1.b. Each Version will be supported for eighteen (18) months from the date the Version is initially released. Support for each Version is supplied via Maintenance Fixes. Elastic will fix errors only in the most current Maintenance Fix level of the Software. Customer Support will direct customers to existing fixes/patches and workarounds applicable to the reported case. Customer Support may direct customers to upgrade to a more current Release / Version / Maintenance Fix of the Software.

7.2 In the event that support for a Version would normally expire under Section 7.1 and no later Version has been released, support for the old Version will be extended until the date that is thirty (30) days after the date on which a new Version is released.

7.3 In the event that support for a Version would normally expire under Section 7.1, and no further Versions are planned, a product may be end-of-life. The decision to end-of-life any Software will be announced to Customer twelve (12) months ahead of the date that support for all Versions of any Software will no longer be available.

8. Supported Platforms.

A number of platform and software configurations are eligible for Elastic Federal Support Services. View support tables.

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Effective Date: December 14, 2018