Defines configuration parameters that control how the plan (ie consisting of the cluster topology and Elasticsearch settings) is applied


cluster_settings_json (object)

If specified, contains transient settings to be applied to an Elasticsearch cluster during changes, with the following default values applied.

  • 150Mb
  • indices.recovery.max_bytes_per_sec: 150Mb
  • cluster.routing.allocation.cluster_concurrent_rebalance: 10
  • cluster.routing.allocation.node_initial_primaries_recoveries: 8 These can be overridden by specifying them in the map. Additional settings can also be set. Settings will be cleared after the plan has finished. If not specified, no settings will be applied.
plan_configuration (ElasticsearchPlanControlConfiguration)
Fine grained control over various timeout and fallback parameters
restore_snapshot (RestoreSnapshotConfiguration, required)
Allows for a snapshot of existing data to be applied from a local or remote repository once the new/upgraded cluster is up
strategy (PlanStrategy)
Describes various options that affect how we will perform a plan change. Only one of these can be specified at a time. The default is to let the system decide on the best method (currently it will always be 'grow_and_shrink' unless manually specified)