A query that uses simple query string syntax. Will ignore invalid syntax.


analyze_wildcard (boolean)
If true, the query attempts to analyze wildcard terms. Defaults to false.
analyzer (string)
The name of the analyzer to use to convert the query text into tokens.
auto_generate_synonyms_phrase_query (boolean)
If true, the parse creates a match_phrase uery for each multi-position token. Defaults to true.
default_operator (string)
The boolean operator used to combine the terms of the query. Valid values are OR (default) and AND.
fields (array[string])
Array of fields to search
flags (string)
List of enabled operators for the simple query string syntax. Defaults to ALL.
fuzzy_max_expansions (integer as int32)
Maximum number of terms to which the query expands for fuzzy matching. Defaults to 50.
fuzzy_prefix_length (integer as int32)
Number of beginning characters left unchanged for fuzzy matching. Defaults to 0.
fuzzy_transpositions (boolean)
If true, edits for fuzzy matching include transpositions of two adjacent characters. Defaults to false.
lenient (boolean)
If true, format-based errors, such as providing a text value for a numeric field are ignored. Defaults to false.
minimum_should_match (string)
Minimum number of clauses that must match for a document to be returned.
query (string, required)
The query expressed in simple query string syntax.
quote_field_suffix (string)
Suffix appended to quoted text in the query string.


   "analyze_wildcard" : true,
   "analyzer" : "string",
   "auto_generate_synonyms_phrase_query" : true,
   "default_operator" : "string",
   "fields" : [
   "flags" : "string",
   "fuzzy_max_expansions" : 0,
   "fuzzy_prefix_length" : 0,
   "fuzzy_transpositions" : true,
   "lenient" : true,
   "minimum_should_match" : "string",
   "query" : "string",
   "quote_field_suffix" : "string"