Description of which allocator instances are assigned to and also allows settings to be added to instance data.


allocator_filter (QueryContainer)
Optional filter to match allocators against
deleted_on (string as date-time)
Date/time that this instance configuration was marked for deletion
description (string)
Optional description for the instance configuration
discrete_sizes (DiscreteSizes, required)
Numerics representing possible instance sizes that the instance configuration supports.
id (string)
Unique identifier for the instance configuration
instance_type (string, required)
The type of instance (elasticsearch, kibana)
metadata (object)
Optional arbitrary metadata to associate with this template.
name (string, required)
Display name for the instance configuration.
node_types (array[string])
Node types (master, data) for the instance
storage_multiplier (number as double)
Settings for the instance storage multiplier
system_owned (boolean)
Indicates if a instance configuration is system owned (restricts the set of operations that can be performed on it)