The top level info object for an Elasticsearch cluster


associated_kibana_clusters (required)
cluster_id (required)
(string) The id of the cluster
cluster_name (required)
(string) The name of the cluster
elasticsearch (required)
(ElasticsearchInfo) Information about the Elasticsearch cluster (indices, masters)
elasticsearch_monitoring_info (required)
(ElasticsearchMonitoringInfo) Information about this cluster’s ECE-managed XPack Monitoring status
healthy (required)
(boolean; default: false) Whether the cluster is healthy or not (one or more of the info subsections will have healthy: false)
(map[string,Hyperlink]) A map of application-specific operations (which map to 'operationId’s in the Swagger API) to metadata about that operation
metadata (required)
(ClusterMetadataInfo) The cluster metadata stores a combination of public and internal state and configuration for a cluster. The unstructured content is undocumented unless explicitly stated elsewhere in the docs
plan (required)
(ElasticsearchClusterPlansInfo) Information about the current, pending, and past plans of a cluster
security (required)
(ElasticsearchClusterSecurityInfo) For 2.x clusters, information about the users and roles. For 5.x, the Kibana management UI should be used
topology (required)
(ClusterTopologyInfo) A description of the cluster topology (the different instances/containers making up the cluster, and where they are located