The costs associated to a Data Transfer and Storage (DTS) dimension for an organization. All of the costs, credits, and trials are expressed in Elastic Consumption Units (ECU).


cost (number as double, required)
Costs associated to the Data Transfer and Storage (DTS) dimensions for an organization
name (string, required)
DTS dimension name
quantity (DtsQuantity, required)
DTS usage
rate (DtsRate, required)
Cost per unit
sku (string, required)
DTS dimension Stock Keeping Unit (SKU)
type (string, required)
Type of the DTS dimension usage


   "cost" : 0.1,
   "name" : "string",
   "quantity" : {
      "formatted_value" : "string",
      "value" : 0
   "rate" : {
      "formatted_value" : "string",
      "value" : 0.1
   "sku" : "string",
   "type" : "string"