Information about each instance in a cluster


allocator_id (string)
The id of the allocator on which this instance is running (if the container is started or starting)
container_started (boolean, required)
Whether the container has started (does not tell you anything about the service -ie Elasticsearch- running inside the container)
disk (ClusterInstanceDiskInfo)
Information about the instance's storage capacity and use
healthy (boolean, required)
Whether the instance is healthy (ie started and running)
instance_configuration (ClusterInstanceConfigurationInfo)
Information about a configuration used to create an instance.
instance_name (string, required)
Whether the instance is healthy (ie started and running)
maintenance_mode (boolean, required)
Whether the service is is maintenance mode (meaning that the proxy is not routing external traffic to it)
memory (ClusterInstanceMemoryInfo)
Information about the instance's memory capacity and use
service_id (string)
The service-specific (eg Elasticsearch) id of the node, if available
service_roles (array[string])
List of roles assigned to the service running in the instance. Currently only populated for Elasticsearch, with possible values: master,data,ingest,ml
service_running (boolean, required)
Whether the service launched inside the container -ie Elasticsearch- is actually running
service_version (string)
The version of the service that the instance is running (eg Elasticsearch or Kibana), if available
zone (string)
The zone in which this instance is being allocated