Specifies the authentication methods that are enabled on the Elasticsearch cluster. NOTE: When all fields are false, only the Platform admin and Platform viewer are available.


openid (boolean, required)

This endpoint is deprecated and scheduled to be removed in the next major version. This field is no longer used and will always be false.

password (boolean, required)
Indicates that username and password authentication is available.
saml (boolean, required)
Indicates that SAML single sign-on authentication is available.
sso_methods (array[SsoAuthenticationMethodInfo], required)
Lists details for the available single sign-on methods.


   "openid" : true,
   "password" : true,
   "saml" : true,
   "sso_methods" : [
         "name" : "string",
         "sso_type" : "string",
         "url" : "string"