Elastic Stack 6.5.4 Released

Version 6.5.4 of the Elastic Stack has been released today. It contains fixes for a couple of notable issues in Beats and Kibana.

Notable bug fixes:

  • In Kibana, the Elasticsearch timeout setting of 0 is now respected as “no timeout” as documented (#27209). This was a regression that caused visualizations to return partial data or errors starting in the 6.5.3 release.
  • Also in Kibana, the “Show partial buckets” option is now again available in the Visualize app. (#25521).
  • In Filebeat, the Go routine memory leak that was previously fixed  is now included in 6.5. (#9592).
  • A fix for the potential CPU denial of service in certificate validation (CVE-2018-16875). (#9563)

We recommend that you  upgrade to this latest version. For a full list of changes for each of the Elastic Stack’s products, please refer to the release notes for Elasticsearch, Kibana, Beats, and Logstash.

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