Kibana 6.5.4edit

Breaking changesedit

See Breaking changes for the changes to be aware of when migrating your application from one version of Kibana to another.

Bug fixesedit

  • Fixes offset mouse capture after scrolling #27096
  • Fixes query bug in esdocs #27157
  • Sets time to start/end of day when selecting date in the timepicker #27186
  • Upgrades TinyMath so that columns with dots work correctly #26659
  • Updates the TinyMath reference links #27085
Kibana App
  • Fixes vertical scroll on long legends #23806
  • Fixes a problem that caused Kibana to set the Elasticsearch timeout to 0, instead of excluding it. As a result, visualizations returned partial data or errors. #27217
Machine Learning
  • Fixes population chart marker positions and swimlane race condition #26716
  • Fixes rollup indices request failures so that they don’t block the Create Index Pattern button #26988
  • Initializes authorization mode for reporting jobs #26762
  • Fixes the check for the show partial buckets option #25520
  • Fixes tooltips for the stacked line chart #26881