Kibana 6.5.3edit

Breaking changesedit

See Breaking changes for the changes to be aware of when migrating your application from one version of Kibana to another.


  • Returns support for i18n.defaultLocale and marks it as deprecated #26556

    i18n.defaultLocale has been renamed to i18n.locale to better reflect what this setting actually does since the default is always English locale.

Bug fixesedit

  • Makes error messages consistent between esdocs and essql #26399
  • Reduces HTTP POST generation on selections and drags #26391
  • Fixes an issue where read only roles were unable to view pagination controls on saved searches in a dashboard panel #26224
  • Uses proper Kibana index for KQL telemetry #26479
  • Adds missing apm-server response error monitor #26787
Querying & Filtering
  • Specifies the timeout for the _msearch in the body #26446

    Resolves the issue with the _msearch timeouts being specified incorrectly, which caused them to be ignored."

  • Does not skip config properties with values equal to empty array\object #26690
  • Allows SIGHUP to recreate log file handler #26675
  • Fixes documentation links for Elasticsearch role privileges #26466

    Updates documentation links to run_as, index, and cluster privilege categories.

  • Fixes the group by terms functionality in Time Series Visual Builder so it correctly shows the Metric and Gauge visualizations #26520