Be one of the first Elastic Certified Observability Engineers

Observability is an integral part of any healthy system. Entire teams (sometimes departments) are dedicated to knowing exactly what's going on with every server, container, service, application, and integration. That's a lot of logs, metrics, and traces to keep track of.

At Elastic, we understand how important observability at scale is and how difficult it can be, so we developed a robust observability solution. But having the right tools is only half of the battle. How do you know that your team is capable of using the tools to implement and maintain full system observability?

With that question in mind, we're proud to announce our newest official certification: Elastic Certified Observability Engineer. This certification was created to recognize individuals who have demonstrated a high-level of expertise in observability, and it can help you stand out in a crowd of SREs and admins. For companies, this certification helps you know that your systems are in good hands with the team you've built.

Who's it for?

If you're reading this blog, chances are it's probably for you. Observability isn't niche, and it's become the responsibility of a lot of different folks. This certification is perfect for software developers, software engineers, data architects, DevOps, SREs, system administrators, and any other IT professionals who need to implement observability.

How does the exam work? 

This new exam is formatted the same way as our other two exams — Elastic Certified Engineer and Elastic Certified Analyst. It's a hands-on, performance-based exam that consists of real-world tasks that must be successfully completed in actual environments using the products of the Elastic Stack.

During the exam, you will cover a range of topics from ingesting logs, metrics, APM traces, and uptime data to analyzing and reacting to events using Kibana, machine learning, and alerting. Every task will be performed using the Elastic Stack, and you'll have access to the official Elastic documentation the whole time.

Additionally, we are holding a Preparing for the Elastic Certified Observability Engineer Exam webinar at 9am PST on March 11. This webinar will be available as a recording afterwards.

How do I get ready to take it?

To be fully prepared for this exam, you need to be able to complete all of the exam objectives. The easiest way to learn all of these objectives is to take the Elastic Observability Engineer training. This course covers every topic that you could possibly be tested on, and is available either as a live, instructor-led virtual course or as a self-paced, on-demand course.

Get certified today

With technological ecosystems operating at a greater scale and with more integrated services than ever, implementing full system observability has never been more important. Becoming an Elastic Certified Observability Engineer shows your team, your company, and the rest of the world, that you're not just up for the task, but that you're an observability expert.

To learn more about all of our certifications or to verify your existing credentials, stop by our newly renovated Elastic Certification page. Plus, check out our certification FAQ for more details about the exam experience.