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Expert tips for upgrading the ELK Stack

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Ken McInnis


The Elastic Stack introduces powerful features across all products and solutions (Elasticsearch, Kibana, Beats, Logstash, SIEM, APM, and more) in every minor and major release. Upgrading your Elastic Stack deployments to the latest versions unlocks these features, and is encouraged for all users.

Software upgrades can be a daunting task (especially when the software in question powers mission-critical applications). But, it doesn’t have to be. Learn how to make your Elastic Stack upgrade as seamless as possible by adopting these simple and insightful tips.

Ken MacInnis, a principal consulting architect at Elastic, shares first-hand experience and technical guidance for successfully executing a full Elastic Stack upgrade, using tips learned from real consulting projects. Whether you’re starting your first project in Elastic Cloud, or have a multi-petabyte on-premises solution, this webinar is for you.


  • Zero-downtime upgrades
  • Performance benchmarking, before and after
  • Disaster recovery
  • Operating system support and upgrades
  • Shard and cluster sizing
  • Data modeling tips and tricks

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