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Shoring up defences in the finance sector with the Elastic Stack

Hosted by

Michael Down
Michael Down

Senior Principal Solutions Architect


James Spiteri
James Spiteri

Product Marketing Director, Security



How are blue-chip finance businesses using the Elastic Stack to reinforce their cybersecurity?

Join Michael Down, Principal Solutions Architect at Elastic, when he shares how he used Elasticsearch for cybersecurity and cyber defence by creating data analysis solutions for both security teams and C-level executives at a top UK bank.

This webinar highlights how Elastic SIEM — our new interactive workspace for security teams — can facilitate security investigations. We also examine how Beats ingests popular security data sources and how Elastic machine learning can rapidly detect anomalies. And show you how to you can tie it all neatly together in a dashboard with Canvas.

Key takeaways:

  • How to ingest security data sources easily and securely using Beats modules
  • How to use and interact with Elastic SIEM
  • How machine learning in the Elastic Stack works, and how it ties into security analytics as part of Elastic SIEM
  • How to use Canvas as a replacement to the traditional dashboard approach for security operations

This webinar is led by Principal Solutions Architect Michael Down and cybersecurity expert James Spiteri. With access to their shared knowledge, you’ll find answers to today’s most relevant security questions.

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