Elasticsearch surpasses OpenSearch in cost-efficiency for search and logging

Why is Elasticsearch better than OpenSearch for search and logging? Cost efficiency.

When evaluating search and logging solutions, it is important to consider the performance and the return on investment of each solution. Based on a recent technical validation from TechTarget’s Enterprise Strategy Group, Elastic has developed this complimentary analysis to provide a framework to evaluate the financial impact Elasticsearch can bring to organizations using OpenSearch for search and logging. And the results show a 593% ROI for migrating from OpenSearch to Elasticsearch.

Download the infographic


Read this brief to learn why a composite organization migrating from OpenSearch to Elasticsearch can see a 593% ROI, including:

  • Increased end-user productivity from faster performance
  • Faster time-to-value of application delivery
  • Reduced procurement and resource costs
  • Cost savings from improved resource utilization
  • Reduced service costs with a complete enterprise solution

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