ElasticON Global 2021 was an amazing opportunity to connect with the elastic community, participate in over countless sessions, and hear from industry leaders. It was also an opportunity to participate in one of our live, industry-leading training courses led by our team of expert instructors. Explore how these hands-on courses help build your Elastic skills to master the Elastic stack, enabling you to tackle any use case and explore what's possible with Elastic.

Did you know: Training fun facts

We have awarded 2,082 Certifications to 1,745 unique Elastic Certified Professionals (to date) from 81 different countries around the world.

As of today, we are the only tech company to have developed and offered official certification for an Observability solution.

Now, let's take a deep dive into how you can enhance your professional visibility and support your organizations’ business objectives.

Training sessions overview

We are passionate about helping engineers and analysts succeed with Elastic solutions. Exceptional networking and exciting roadmaps aside, one of the best ways to make Elastic work for you is to participate in our training courses. Whether you were able to attend at ElasticON and want a refresher or didn’t get a chance to participate, we offer training year round.

Level-up with Elastic

Build the skills and knowledge you need to achieve Elastic Stack proficiency. Register for Elastic Training today, and enhance your career with our industry leading Elastic Certifications, or get yourself an annual pass to all of our training & certifications with an Elastic Training Subscription.