Life @ Elastic | Know the role: Sales Development Representative

Are you looking for a new opportunity working in sales with a diverse, distributed team? A role with Elastic as a Sales Development Representative might be for you.

Our Sales Development Representatives (SDRs) are a diverse group of smart, curious, creative, and passionate professionals who work closely with our users and potential customers to help them find success while implementing the Elastic Stack and our wide array of products into their offerings.

SDRs touch many functions across Elastic and regularly collaborate with our sales, marketing, and solution architect teams to generate new business opportunities and help meet Elastic's goals. Our team spans the globe, working in 12 different cities and speaking over 20 different languages.

But what makes being an SDR at Elastic so different from anywhere else?

“People often ask what the typical SDR profile at Elastic looks like,” says John Black, Vice President of Sales Development. “A lot of companies take a cookie-cutter approach to hiring SDRs but if you look at the Elastic SDRs across the world, you'll find a team with an incredible diversity of cultures, languages, backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives. We complement one another and are stronger as a result.”

“One of the other things I'm very proud of is the number of different career trails that have been blazed here by Elastic SDRs over the past 5 years: from Sales to Marketing, Solutions Architecture, Customer Success, Operations, Management and more.“

“Elastic SDRs are the future leaders of the company and the tech industry,” says Ira Casteel, SDR Manager. “Elastic SDRs are the investigators, the connectors and the educators for our customers and trusted guides moving our customers along the Elastic journey. Our SDRs absorb, process, and internalize vast amounts of information every day to deliver the most timely and relevant answers to our customers.”

Want to know more about being an SDR at Elastic? Watch the videos below to hear from some of the team:

Driton Halili
Megan Cho
Ranya Bellou

Regina Sáenz Martínez de Pisón