Exponential growth, experienced leadership, values define growing sales organization

The sales organization at Elastic is growing exponentially as demand for our solutions rises. 

Our talent has the opportunity to build career-defining relationships and impact alongside newly recruited industry leaders. 

The volume of data companies produce just keeps increasing, and Elastic is in a unique position to help our customers realize value through search experiences. Search enables employees and customers to access data easily, whether through a simple search box or a more sophisticated cloud monitoring infrastructure. That can improve decision-making, customer retention, and employee satisfaction. With Elastic’s industry-leading solutions, we have a total addressable market in the tens of billions of dollars, and we are on the path to becoming a $1 billion-plus company. 

And, while growth matters, we are also focused on building an organization that is sustainable, supportive, and inclusive. Elastic’s Source Code defines our values and ensures that all of our employees, and customers, know what we stand for as a company.  

That amazing growth trajectory, coupled with strong corporate values, is why Shubber Ali, Kate FitzGerald, Matthew Day, and Roger McConville recently joined as sales leaders and are defining how our teams go to market. 

Focus on relationships and strategy for customers

Shubber Ali leads a new team called Elevate, which is focused on solving critical challenges facing the C-level executives at Elastic’s key accounts. 

“Elastic has been very good in being able to grow organically with developers. The stack and solutions are being used in so many pockets of so many different organizations. For example, a single customer could have tens of different instances of a product installed. But to continue on Elastic’s path of growth, we have to begin talking to and selling to executives, which will enable organizations to not only connect all those individual uses but to solve much bigger scale problems that have significantly higher value for the clients and for Elastic,” says Shubber. 

“Elevate is here to help translate the power of what Elastic can do as a platform to the business challenges that organizations are trying to solve.”

And to do that, Elevate sales associates will get to connect with business leaders about their organizational challenges and opportunities, and the technology solutions that can move them forward.  

In turn, each unique solution that an Elevate sales associate is able to create with a customer can be repeated with other customers and become new business models for Elastic’s product organization. In other words, our customers learn from us and we learn from our customers. 

“It means that our opportunity is massive,” says Shubber. 

While Elevate is building relationships with the C-suite, another expanding part of Elastic’s sales organization is focused on advancing relationships with developers and IT departments: the global sales renewal team led by Roger McConville. Sales associates on this team have the opportunity to build long-term relationships with customers and assist them in understanding the potential of Elastic solutions. Through their conversations, sales associates can influence how a customer’s use of Elastic products develops over time. 

“They get to play a key role in taking the customer all the way through the sales cycle,” says Roger. “They get to see the fruition of that outcome — and at a high-growth company like Elastic this is a truly phenomenal opportunity.”

Global growth to continue

Asia Pacific is expected to continue to grow as the economy in the region recovers from COVID-19, says Matthew Day, VP, APJ.

“And as we grow in scale, we’re going to have more opportunities for leadership roles. I want to create opportunities for people to develop and build a really fulfilling career at Elastic, whether that’s in APJ or another region. One of the great things about a global company, if you put your hand up, there’s generally an opportunity,” says Matthew, who has been based in Singapore for the past 16 years.

“I believe the solutions we provide are relevant across multiple industries and use cases and allow us to help customers solve real business problems, whether they are a fast-growth company disrupting a market or a long-established organization looking to transform,” he says. 

Matthew values that Elastic is distributed and people-centric.

“I love that Elastic trusts individuals to do their best work, whether they’re in the office or not. We create an environment where they can be successful. I’m going to hire people who are going to help me create that environment in APJ,” he says. “This should be a fun, vibrant environment, where we will get a lot of wins and we’ll celebrate that.”

We are also growing in the Americas, led by Kate FitzGerald. 

“People who join the company today are going to be able to have a key impact. When you work at bigger companies, the work to impact ratio is not great. But when you come here, the work that you do has an outsized impact on the organization,” says Kate. “That’s something that I find really satisfying about being here right now.”

“One of the great things about Elastic is that our products can do so many different things. Not every tech company has the breadth that we have. Our customers can continue to expand the use cases where Elastic adds value," says Kate.

For example, a major telecommunications company currently uses Elastic for its digital customer experience platform, while a tech company uses our technology to reconcile all financial transactions. That same platform is also now being used by a bank for fraud detection. 

“Elastic is a company that continues to attract the people that want to make a difference,” says Kate. “I think that people who really care about being the best and achieving the best will be very happy coming here.”

Join us!

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