Each Elastic office has its own locally-designed mural. See them all.


We’re a distributed, global company (and proud of it), but we do want to give Elasticisians a place to connect face-to-face should they choose. In fact, building community is one of our top priorities here at Elastic. That’s why we have offices in 15 cities around the world. While some Elasticians use them to work and connect, we also use them to host in-person events, like this summer’s Elasticamp. 

Currently, we have offices in: Amsterdam, Arlington, Austin, Bangalore, Berlin, Chicago, Copenhagen, London, Munich, New York, Paris, San Francisco, Singapore, Sydney, and Tokyo. 

What makes our offices special is that each one is designed with its location in mind. We want our employees to feel at home in their local office, so we hired local designers to create murals on the walls of each office to bring to life the essence, vibrancy, and culture of each Elastic city. 

We’re so thankful that we’re able to showcase these artists’ designs so our employees can enjoy a piece of local, original art.

Here are some of the murals that decorate our office walls:


Artist: Wallnuts, Jessica Smith

Amsterdam has two murals: one in a corridor that is city-themed with various homages to Amsterdam (like Stroopwafels and bicycles!) and one with the tagline, “You know…for search!”.


Artist: Kathy Chen

Arlington, Virginia also has two murals, one in reception and one in the work area. Both feature landmarks in the area and typical architecture. 


Artist: Pavlov Visuals

On the seventh floor of our Austin office is a colorful design with aspects of Austin’s culture and landscape.


Artist: Vijay Machani, Thingswork

Bangalore has two murals, one black and white and one in color that depicts the local area.


Artist: 44Flavours

Berlin’s abstract wallpaper-esque design is colorful and playful with subtle nods to the city.


Artist: Jennifer Reeves

Chicago’s city-themed mural has the Bean, modes of transport, and the sport the city loves. 


Artist: Christine Gan

Copenhagen’s is also city-themed, with the Danish flag front and center as well as local architecture and monuments.


Artist: Mac McDonald

London has a city-themed one with the iconic landmarks of the capital city.


Artist: Dustin Haver

Sticking with the theme, Munich’s mural is a cityscape in Elastic’s brand design.

New York

Artist: Niege Borges (5th fl) and Jordan E. Moss (4th fl)

New York’s office has two murals: one that celebrates the different people and culture in the city and one that showcases New York in all its glory.


Artist: Jennifer Reeves

Paris’ mural has a city and food theme, central to French culture.

San Francisco

Artist: Gable Company

Our San Francisco office has a mural that is similar to our Amsterdam office, but shows the key landmarks of the city and what makes San Francisco special.


Artist: Somewan

Singapore’s mural celebrates the city’s diverse food scene.


Artist: James Gulliver Hancock

Sydney has an abstract cityscape mural that also incorporates the city’s flora and fauna.


Artist: Yeka Haski

Tokyo’s mural is two-toned and done in a unique caricature style typical of Japanese culture. 

What mural is your favorite? Apply to work in your local office here