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We love hearing from candidates interested in roles at Elastic. We like to share insights into these roles on our blog. In previous posts we’ve highlighted what it’s like to be in sales in the Fed sector, how being a search specialist requires you to be a sponge, and how engineering roles at Elastic have a different spin from your traditional tech position.

But have you ever wondered what it’s like to have a career in consulting at Elastic?

Sitting under our Field Operations team our consultants work side-by-side (virtually, at the moment) with customers to answer questions, find solutions to problems, and help develop Elastic product integrations that achieve our customers’ business objectives.

While this may sound like your standard consultancy position, our consultants go well beyond what’s expected in a similar role. They collaborate with developers and support engineers to help develop creative solutions that are backed by deep technical expertise while simultaneously creating a close personal relationship with each and every customer.

Want to learn more about how being a consultant at Elastic is different? Curious about working for a company with a Source Code to live by? Hear from some of our own on what makes the role unique:

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