Articles by Haran Kumar

Senior Security Specialist, Elastic

Haran is a skills-driven and passionate security professional with extensive experience in SIEM log management, endpoint security, incident response, and SOC operations. He is an active community member in the arena of cybersecurity and has built a log management platform prototype using open source security tools. He is a Solutions Architect with Elastic specializing in security.


Establish robust threat intelligence with Elastic Security

Cyber threat intelligence is contextual information on emerging threats that can enhance the protective posture of contested environments. Learn how Elastic Security can help organizations establish robust cyber threat intelligence capabilities.


Top 5 SIEM considerations of 2021 and how Elastic Security solves them

In this blog, we cover security teams' top 5 SIEM considerations of 2021, and how Elastic Security satisfies each.


Life@ Elastic | Haran Kumar: From community member to Elastician

Haran Kumar shares his passion for open source, and the inspiration he gained through the Elasticsearch community before joining Elastic.


Understanding and unlocking security data sources

In this blog post, we’ll explore how to understand data sources relevant to security analytics and how to bring them into the Elastic Stack.