Elasticsearch Service

Managed Elasticsearch on Microsoft Azure

Get the latest versions and security updates — including exclusive features, one-click upgrades with zero downtime, and access to Elastic support.


Why choose the official Elasticsearch Service?

Elasticsearch Service on Elastic Cloud is the only hosted Elasticsearch and Kibana offering available powered by the creators. And it's simple to get up and running — scale with a click, configure with a slider. Choose Microsoft Azure for your deployment and you're on your way to simple management and powerful customization.


A cloud experience built for Elastic

As the company behind the Elastic Stack, we bring our features, support, and security to your deployments on Microsoft Azure. Get started with our solutions — built for your use case — to search, analyze, and visualize any type of data.

Enterprise Search

Enterprise Search

Create powerful, modern search experiences for your workplace, website, or applications.



Unify your logs, metrics, and APM traces at scale in a single stack.



Get comprehensive prevention, collection, detection, and response for your organization.

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Exclusive features

From document- and field-level security to detecting anomalies using machine learning, Elastic delivers powerful features (built and maintained by Elastic engineers) that readily extend what’s possible with Elasticsearch and Kibana.

Explore a few features right here — and of course, there's plenty more where that came from.