Get Started with Elasticsearch

Elasticsearch is on a mission to organize data and make it easily accessible. In this webinar we plan to provide a solid foundation in search and information retrieval, starting with core search theory and moving towards actual usage of Elasticsearch. By the end of the webinar you should have an understanding of what Elasticsearch is capable of, how to implement basic functionality, and where to find more resources.

We invite you to also try hosted Elasticsearch with a free 14-day trial of Elastic Cloud, which comes with a free Kibana instance.

This webinar will cover:

  • Downloading and running an Elasticsearch node
  • Adding, updating, retrieving and deleting data
  • Basic text analysis theory and application
  • Basic search queries
  • Analytical aggregations
  • Where to find more resources
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Zachary Tong

Officially trained as a molecular neurobiologist, Zachary has thrown off the shackles of pipettes and petri dishes to return to his original passion: building software. Zach is a developer for Elasticsearch, fondly remembers v0.18, and co-authored Elasticsearch: The Definitive Guide.