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Build or buy with Elasticsearch: key considerations when implementing search


You’re tasked with implementing search for an upcoming project. Do you build your own with Elasticsearch or deploy Elastic App Search Service, an Elasticsearch-based SaaS solution?

Both App Search and Elasticsearch are powerful tools and can serve many use cases, but there are factors to consider that can help you determine the right service for your project.

On April 23, join Senior Solutions Architect Tarik Bennett for an in-depth presentation on how to evaluate search options based on your use case and the resources available to you.

Webinar Highlights:

  • Choosing the right search solution for your company’s needs
  • See how Instacart and Uber are creating powerful search experiences using Elastic
  • Common search challenges in organizations
  • Development requirements for implementation across multiple use cases
  • Optimizing for performance vs decreasing time to market
  • Administration considerations for Elasticsearch and App Search

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