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Getting started with App Search

Add rich, relevant search to your website or applications — for corporate websites, customer support portals, internal helpdesks, mobile apps, and more. And because App Search runs on Elastic Cloud, it can be deployed in your region, on the platform of your choice.


  • How easy it is to start your own trial or create a new deployment
  • The steps to get App Search up and running — from A to Z
  • A look at how easily App Search scales as you grow

Building great search experiences with Search UI

Discover how to quickly build great search experiences using the free and open source Search UI alongside Elastic App Search.


  • Key considerations (and pitfalls to avoid)
  • Tips for reviewing and improving the search results and UI as your user needs evolve
  • Demo on how to quickly leverage Search UI to build a search experience

Creating meta engines to scale your search experiences

In Elastic App Search you can aggregate searches across multiple engines into a single search bar — all while each individual business unit, geographic region, or product division maintains individual control over the behavior of their own search engines.


  • Identifying scenarios where meta engines deliver the most value
  • Setting up and managing meta engines

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