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Best of Elastic APM

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Felix Rössel

Senior Solutions Architect


Alessandro Ganci

Senior Principal Solutions Architect


Tim Brophy

Senior Solution Architect



Catch up on all things Elastic APM with these demo webinars and Q&A sessions with Elastic experts.

Demo 1: Real User Monitoring with Elastic APM

In this session we break down what RUM is, how it works, why use it, how it’s different to other types of user monitoring, and also cover the most common features.

Demo 2: Distributed tracing and ServiceMaps with Elastic APM

This session we cover distributed tracing and all functionality available to identify service issues as well as our new ServiceMaps available since 7.7, which deliver additional insights into services and the underlying infrastructure.

Demo 3: Bringing MTTR to zero by unifying APM, Logs, Metrics and Uptime

Learn about the various workflows available helping to correlate information from different perspectives in order to deliver a high degree of automation.

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