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“Machine Learning with the Elastic Stack” book preview - Part 1: Anomaly Detection

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Rich Collier
Rich Collier

Solutions Architect, Machine Learning Specialist



Rich Collier, author of “Machine Learning with the Elastic Stack” gives an overview of Elastic Machine Learning and how it is used for Anomaly Detection. Rich will walk us through the first half of the recently published 2nd edition of the definitive guide to Machine Learning in the Elastic Stack. Learn how to use Elastic stack to detect anomalies in the occurrence rates of documents/events, rare occurrences of things, and numerical values outside of expected normal operation.


  • Understand how Elastic Machine Learning is used to detect different types of anomalies and make predictions
  • Apply effective anomaly detection to IT operations, security analytics, and other use cases
  • Utiles the results of Elastic ML in custom views, dashboards, and proactive alerting
  • Discover various tips and tricks to get the most out of Elastic Machine Learning

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