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Semantic search excellence: Advanced concepts with AI

Hosted by:

Nick Chow

Nick Chow

Prinicipal Product Manager


Jeff Vestal

Jeff Vestal

Principal Solutions Architect



This is part two on the journey of building semantic search and advanced generative AI. Join us to learn about methods to enhance search efficiency, advanced hybrid search techniques, reranking strategies such as Learning to Rank (LTR), and cross-encoders. You’ll also learn how vector databases can extend search capabilities through dense and sparse options like vector search and Elastic's Learned Sparse EncodeR (ELSER).

This webinar is tailored for both novice and seasoned Elasticsearch users. This immersive journey into the evolving landscape of semantic search will help you achieve excellent search results with Elasticsearch.


  • Learn how to store embeddings in Elastic and leverage algorithms to identify contextual relationships.
  • See how to host custom machine learning models and integrate third-party models like PyTorch and Hugging Face repos for advanced vector search flexibility.
  • Dive into cutting-edge methods for hybrid search and advanced reranking strategies such as Learning to Rank (LTR) and cross-encoders.
  • Explore token pruning and reranking methods to enhance search precision and efficiency.

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